Wanted to know a little more about the Cozy Orca herself? I'm flattered.

Writing is my passion followed closely by reading, binging Hulu, and taking obscenely long bubble baths. I have my Bachelor's in Creative Writing and have been playing around with the idea of getting my Master's.

I like...

Small road trips
Taking candid photos
The beach
Gluten-free red lipstick
Criminal Minds and all shows/movies about serial killers.

A little more...

My hair has been every color imaginable and while I still crave turquoise or pink ends, I'm trying to give my hair a break and let it remain it's natural color...for now.

I have two rescue dogs, Emmy and Cricket. They are both insane in their own ways, but we love them anyway.

I met my boyfriend of 6 years on Twitter (thanks, author Maureen Johnson!) and he moved 3,000 miles to be with me.  Swoon, I know.

(Yes, in 2017 all my childhood dreams came true and I got to meet Hanson. They were as sweet as I hoped they'd be.)