Interview with Safa Shaqsy, founder of Modern Publish.

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I got the opportunity to interview Safa, an amazing woman and writer, and also the founder of Modern Publish, an up and coming publishing house.

First off, could you introduce yourself to the readers and let them know a little about yourself?

I'm Safa Shaqsy and was born in Oman, Middle East. I am an author of several books and the latest one is called Rebel With Time.  I also have my own publishing company called Modern Publish. 

What made you want to found Modern Publish and why did you think it was important to develop it now?

Timing! Before the idea behind my publishing company, I was in the deciding mode for a few months, but suddenly it struck me like lightning! 

And I thought, why not now? If not now, when?

What sorts of genres are you most interested in publishing?

I am mostly interested in young adult fiction books for now. We might expand later on. 

As an author turned business-woman opening her own publishing house, what were some of the challenges you faced?

Managing staff and payrolls. Along with working with authors and their books to satisfy their needs and the market wants. 

To go with the previous question...As a writer, you know how hard this industry can be to get into. Are there any ways you plan to help new writers and authors get their work noticed in terms of marketing? Are you doing anything different than other publishing houses?

We're personally very concerned about our authors, so we tend to take things slow. We want the best for our authors, but it doesn't mean that we don't do mistakes. But we definitely learn and move on.

If you could do something different when creating Modern Publish, what would it be?

Save more capital (money) before diving in. But it's all good!

What are you most looking forward to with Modern Publish?

We want to be world wide distributor one day, and help our authors be successful and earn money from home. Nothing makes us more happy than we see authors transmit from being a day job worker to a full time writer with a successful career! 

What do you like better: writing or publishing?


Can you tell us a little bit about some of the books that are in progress of being published by Modern Publish?

There are a few now, but we cannot reveal but for now. So we keep things hush hush until the books are out! 

But if you want some hints and cover reveals of our next books, visit our website 

We have one book that was out called Rebel With Time and I wrote it. It's available on all retailers. And another book called Terre Rouge that will be out soon. 


I'd like to thank Safa for her time and urge you all to go take a look at Modern Publishing!

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