We Bought a House!

by - 1:07 PM

In January, the owners of our rental got in touch and said they wanted to sell the house at the end of our lease - and if we would be interested in buying it. We talked it over and agreed it was an offer we couldn't refuse. It was in our budget, and it would be way less stressful than finding another rental with our criteria (who knew a house that took dogs AND had a fence would be so rare!) or looking for another to buy in our current budget.

So, we said yes!

It was months of back and forth, loan officers, signing a million things, having the owners agree to fix things the inspector found, and eventually having to get our own realtor as the lease company was handling us and the sellers and it got too iffy with them trying to please everyone. So we got our own and she was fantastic.

Literally things did not stop for many weeks, even on closing day. On our way to sign the papers we got a call saying the termite guy needed to go check the house right now before we signed everything. So I had to get someone to go let him in and handle the dogs while we signed the papers. That was a nice final adrenaline rush.

But now it's ours! We've already painted the kitchen and entry wall and I'm loving it. The weird beige/pink walls are GOING and so are the very green counters.

Lots of projects and DIY stuff coming soon!


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