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I saw this tag over on Madison's Inkwell and it looked like fun! I usually only do tags on my Instagram, but I thought they deserved a place on the blog as well.

 Reading on the bed or the couch? The couch. I can never get comfortable enough at an angle to read and I usually end up reading for hours instead of sleeping. But, honestly, I read more in the tub than anywhere. Something about soaking in a tub with candles and bubbles and a book make it one of the most relaxing things ever.

Male main characters of female main characters? Female. Not on purpose, I just think the authors I usually read write more females than males. I relate more to them, obviously, so I get more into the characters. But I'd love to branch out! Anyone have any good reads that have male MCs?

Sweet snacks or salty snacks while reading? Sweet. Give me that brownie in the tub, please.

Trilogies or quartets? Trilogies, and I don't even like those that much. I prefer standalones. It's hard to find a plot and characters I'm willing to invest in for more than one book.

Reading first person or third person POV? First! It's my favorite to read and write. It's easier to 'put yourself' in the book with first person. Third is too impersonal for my taste.

Reading at night or in the morning? Night. The perfect way to wind down - unless it's a really good book, then you're screwed and up until four a.m..

Libraries or bookstores? Libraries. No worries about breaking the bank there.

Books that make you laugh or cry? Laugh, but sometimes a sad book is cathartic.Colleen Hoover gets me almost every time. She's a nice balance between humor, drama and romance.

Black book covers or white book covers? I don't see many white covers, so I like them more since they're harder to find. I see too many black covers, like the line of classics B&N used to have (or do they still?). So I like colorful ones or white ones.

Character driven or plot driven? I need a balance, so plot with strong characters. If the plot is great but the characters are poorly written, I can't get into the book. But if the characters are great but the story isn't strong, then the characters are kind of just bumble-fucking their way through the story and that's not fun to read.

Thanks for reading! Like Madison, I tag anyone who wants to do this.



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