Go Home, Afton by Brent Jones

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I was sent this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.

We all wear masks, and Afton Morrison is no exception.

A small-town librarian with a dark side, Afton, twenty-six, has suppressed violent impulses her entire adult life. Impulses that demand she commit murder.

Blending her urges with reason, Afton stalks a known sexual predator, intending to kill him. But her plan, inspired by true crime and hatched with meticulous care, is interrupted by a mysterious figure from her past. A dangerous man that lurks in the shadows, watching, threatening to turn the huntress into the hunted.

 This sounded so. freaking. good. A female librarian that is also a murderer? Like a withdrawn female Dexter. Yes, please.

But, ugh, I gotta say I ended up pretty disappointed by the end of this book. However, this is book one of four, so maybe things get better. 

First off, the writing is really good. Brent is a really talented writer. At first, the descriptions of everything were perfect and really put me in each scene. But after a hundred pages or so the descriptions were more frequent and longer than the dialogue and it got to be a little much. I don't need to know every little detail. But, still, they were well done.

But after two hundred pages - yes, two hundred - (iBooks has this as 236 pages, but it's on Amazon at 116) Afton still hadn't killed anyone. I expected this amazing female vigilante just rocking the town's world and cleaning up the streets. But this was nothing like that. It was centered around one target and even that was ruined for Afton.

Afton's inner voice of herself was really odd. It makes her seem a little schizo, and it's not really clear why she hears and sees this alternate her who is really just her, like, inner voice. It's strange.

Then there was this mysterious man from her past. Who the hell is this guy? It's also super weird. He kind of follows Afton around and knows her parents names and...yeah, it's just an odd character that I didn't understand at all. But, again, this was book one of four, so I can assume things get cleared up in the other books.

So I'm a little stumped on this book. Very strong writing, pretty strong MC, but the plot and other characters left me puzzled. I guess I'd have to read the rest to really understand Afton's world!


If you'd like to give Go Home, Afton a shot, you can find it on Amazon HERE .

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