Cold Calls by Charles Benoit

by - 4:43 PM

I must say I was disappointed with this book. It just wasn't as tense and creepy as I hoped. The suspense started out fairly strong but then just landed and stayed on, like, a sixth grade level.

The characters were also kind of...blah. I read this book a couple of weeks ago and honestly I don't even remember their names. There was nothing really interesting or memorable about them, which was a bummer. And I don't really understand what took the three characters over a hundred pages before they finally talked to each other and were like, 'Hey, let's team up and find our blackmailer!'

In this day and age if someone is being blackmailed like this, they should tell someone. Especially since the blackmailer tried to turn them all into bullies. They should've gone to the cops. Yeah, it would've been a much shorter story, but it would've been more believable.

I was let down, y'all. I wanted a much creepier book and this was just B-level tension.



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