$6 Chair Upgrade!

by - 11:19 AM

I hate a lot of things in our lease. Therefore, I hate a lot of things in the house. We can't change anything, we can't paint, we can't even plant a garden or anything in the bare front beds. I love DIY and home improvement, so it's been a struggle living here (which may change soon!). We're limited to temporary things only like some pictures on the wall and a container garden which failed quite miserably. Our counters are GREEN. I mean.

So when we found these two plastic Adirondack chairs in a neighbor's ditch I got excited. Finally a project I could do!
Their orange color looked kind of gross against our brick. I wanted a fresh, bright pop of color so we headed to the store. $6 of Krylon Colormaster in Satin Sea Glass later and I was one happy DIY-er.

They're cute, but they just look...blah. And do you see the poor, bare bed? It needs flowers! Ugh. 
And that siding, I'd love to paint.
I'd love to paint the shutters, too.

Put the poor dears on a tarp out back and got to work!
It took two coats with a third touch up in a few places.

Oh man, I love! It brightens up the whole front porch (which I'd love to add railings to).
Definitely a needed update!
 And for $6 and an hour of work you really can't beat it! 

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