5 Fave YA Books of 2017

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It's March, but...I can still do this post, right?

Right. Shh, it's my blog.

I made my goal of 100 books last year just barely (I think I only logged 97 of them in Goodreads before I ran out of time, so I look like a failure in the Internet's eyes) and to say there were some duds is an understatement. I think I read more bad books than good books.

I was tempted to do the 5 worst ones I read, but I'd rather keep things positive on this new blog.

Luckily there were some absolute GEMS that I read, too. I've got it narrowed down to 5, and went ahead and linked y'all to them on Amazon if you wanna buy a copy. Or, you know, put one on hold at the library if you're constantly strapped for cash like moi.

So, without further ado....

 This was a super cute love story that really made me want to get on a plane to Italy PRONTO.

This wrapped up the life of The Song Girls, which was bittersweet. But, did you hear? IT'S GONNA BE A MOVIE! Coming out Summer of 2018, I believe!

It is hard to write a mystery so good that even I can't pick out the murderer. I could not pick out the murderer in this book. Such amazing writing.

Speaking of murder and amazing writing, this book was -insert all emojis of things on fire-
Seriously. I started this and there went my whole day. Gobbled it up in one sitting.

This was my first Hoover novel and man, I'm glad it was. This story was so amazing, so powerful, the writing was magnificent, the characters were OMG. Atlas was quickly a book boyfriend.
Seriously, like, can this be a movie already? 


Leave a comment below if you've got your top 5 faves narrowed down!


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