The Easiest Roasted Chicken Ever

by - 1:00 PM

Roast chicken is a weekly staple in our house. It's cheap, filling, and has leftovers for days. I've tried a lot of different recipes and while I have my favorites with ghee and herbs, I wanted something insanely simple the other day. Enter salt. Yes, just salt. I know, I didn't believe it at first, either, but it gives a tasty, moist, crispy-skinned chicken without having to rub that girl down with your hands.

I used The Comfort Kitchen's recipe and I highly recommend it for days you want something simpler, or maybe you've run out of spices.

 Of course, I recommend free range chicken, but understand it's not always available or within budget. This was on super duper sale and this 6.5 pound lady was barely $6. Otherwise, I just get a hormone free chicken from Sprouts.

Do you see that skin?? Goodness, y'all. So crispy. The chicken had way more flavor than I was expecting from just salt, too! This chicken was mostly for salads, so it had dressings on it, but it would definitely work as a main dish with some sides!



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