Snow Day!

by - 11:30 PM

It snows approximately a day and a half per year in Alabama. Today, it snowed for about five hours. We got less than an inch but that's enough to shut down schools and most work because here in the country, we aren't equipped with the salt trucks it would take to keep everyone safe. So, we all got a snow day!

Cricket might have seen a light dusting last year when we rescued her, but today was the most snow she's ever seen. The girl loved it. It was constant frolicking until we made her come inside.

I wish we got snow way more often, but it does make me appreciate it more on the rare day we do get it. It's always such fun!

They ate most of the snow off the patio....

 It's currently -6! Time to wrap my fingers around a warm mug and binge a little Desperate Housewives.

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