Hygge - The Entryway

by - 10:31 PM

Our entryway has been the same since we moved in. It was functional, but not really pretty. I wanted a more 'wow' factor when people came in the door and we're working on it! We had an old jewelry stand of mine as the 'table' and the once bracelet-filled drawers now held sunglasses and dog leashes. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new table and things to put on it, so I had a look around the house.
I found this shelf unit my parents had for years. It was in their garage and for about a year after moving out, we had our DVDs on it. Then we got a nicer DVD holder and this unit went in the garage. It had potential, I thought, so I hauled it into the living room and made the switch.

'Yep, this is gonna work!' I thought. Now I just needed to fill it and see if it would indeed work.

Such an improvement! Everything was already in the house except the terrarium which was about $10 at Ross. Not a bad new entryway table for $10!

We found these books from the 1800s at a local thrift store for dirt cheap.

The knick-knacks may change as we buy stuff we love, but I love it so far!

Now the wall needed some work. I had that NYC couple print for years which is why it ended up on the wall - it was big and we needed something there. But, I've wanted a gallery wall for a long time now and this is just the wall for it!


Obviously this is going to gain many, many more pieces over the next few months, but it's a start! The 3 outside prints I got from Etsy, and my amazingly talented boyfriend drew the girl in Paris. That little narwhal is from Target (I broke his horn minutes after I got him home, but superglue worked like a charm, thankfully). I'm excited about this feature in the house. We're going to put up some pictures I've taken, some more drawings of Justin's, and maybe some watercolors that I've done!

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