Hygge - The Bathroom

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On our quest to make the house more "Hygge" (a word that basically means cozy) we decided to start small. So, master bathroom it was. It didn't take much at all, that's what I'm loving about redecorating this way. It's just simple changes that make the house feel cozier, and buying things that we really love versus shit to just take up space.

When we first moved in we were all 'Let's have themes for each room!' and oh my god, what were we thinking? We had a beach-themed guest bathroom, a travel-themed living room, a woodland creature-themed kitchen, and this peacock-themed bathroom. Oh, and a no-theme bedroom with one thing on the wall and constant messy blankets. That's a room I can't wait to redo. Anyway. I don't know what we were thinking going with all these crazy rooms. It was never an 'Ahh, I love this house' moment when I walked inside. It was just stuff we bought and put up to take up space. Now, we're going through and choosing things more carefully and the results are much more calming and pleasant to look at.

The bathroom was so easy I am kicking myself for not doing it a year ago.

Okay, I didn't mean to get a see through curtain, but I don't hate it. Although I think I'll end up getting a fabric curtain in gray or a cute print, and use the clear one as just a liner. But just swapping out bright colors for muted ones really calms the place down. Towels were on sale, as was the mat (from Target), and the liner was just $3.

Then it just needed a couple of detail swaps, like the back of the toilet.

I'm so happy with these little plants! The succulents are fake and from the Target $1-$3 section (ILU Target), but the Bamboo is real!

We're on our way, y'all!

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