Cleaning Salt Lamps

by - 1:10 PM

Ah, Himalayan salt lamps. They have many health and air benefits, and they just look downright pretty...until they don't. These dudes help the air in your home and as a result, they attract a lot of dust. But don't worry - cleaning them is easy. I mean, EASY.

First, unplug your lamp and let it cool to room temperature if it's previously been on.

Grab a damp lint free cloth (or sponge), and a dry lint free cloth.

Wipe the lamp gently all over. Obviously there are tiny cracks you won't be able to get into, but you can wipe away the majority of the dust just fine.

Dry the lamp off and ignore the turmeric stains on my rag.

Plug the lamp(s) back in and let them warm up to fully get rid of the moisture.

You're done! Easy, right? This took me all of two minutes to clean the four lamps in my house.



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