I Take You

by - 12:42 PM

I Take You is a book to bring to the beach and indulge in a bit mindlessly.  Is this going to keep you on your seat and make you forget to eat lunch because you can't put it down?  Probably not.  But it is going to entertain you and give you little smirks.  Parts of this were just saucy in an oh-so-fun way.  Others were a little duller.  Lily is kind of a love her or dislike her kind of character.  Parts of this were a bit crass.  Lily isn't everyone's taste with the cheating, drinking, swearing, etc. - but she was entertaining.  I'd say keep an open mind while reading this since it does involve cheating and exploring with others while engaged.

I think chick-lit fans will like this, but not necessarily love it.  It was a little thought-provoking though, which I liked.  You might expect to read this stuff about a man instead of a woman, so to see it from a woman's perspective was a little refreshing. 

The first half of the book was a bit slow, but still a breeze to get through.  The second half is where it's at.  If you struggle at first, push through and I think you'll be (somewhat) glad you finished this.  It picked up a lot as I got through this and there were a couple of little twists I didn't see coming that I enjoyed.  The ending was satisfactory, too.  It just shows that sometimes you need to make some mistakes to find out what you really want.

** I was received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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