The Little Paris Bookshop

by - 5:06 PM

Parts of this, I loved. Parts, I liked. But more often than that, there were parts I didn't like. I just couldn't get onboard with this fully. I feel like I'm in a small percentage here because so many people seemed to love this book. So, I was a big disappointed.

I did love everything book-related in this. The bookshop. Books as medicine. Traveling and giving people books. All of that sounded magical, especially to a book lover. The setting was also something I loved. I could feel like I was in Paris. The descriptions in this were lovely and had all my senses engaged.

But, I just never felt a connection to the characters. And I was prepared for a book filled with stories of books and using them as medicine, but that dwindled a lot when the traveling began. It then became more about those who were traveling. My attention wasn't captured anymore and, sadly, part of me thought of setting this aside without finishing it.

In theory, this sounded amazing and, yes, it was beautifully written. It just didn't drag me in like I hoped it would.


** I was received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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